Community Information


11.19.2021- The Annual HOA meeting for Berkeley Walk will be held via zoom on Tuesday, November 30, 2021 at 6:00 p.m.  To access the meeting go to the member's only tab.  The password was on notice letter.


Pressure washing update:

Due to some equipment issues we have 8 buildings that required rescheduling.


November 22nd- 323-333 Sonoma Dr. (odd numbered units)

November 22nd- 335-345 Sonoma Dr. (odd numbered units)


November 23rd- 328-338 Sonoma Dr. (even numbered units)

November 23rd- 314-324 Sonoma Dr. (even numbered units)


November 24th- 124-134 Ventura Place (odd numbered units)  

November 24th- 109-117 Ventura Place (odd numbered units)

November 24th- 101-107 Ventura Place (odd numbered units)


December 1st- 121-129 Ventura Place (even numbered units)

Results of 8/10/21 Homeowner Survey:  Please note this is NOT an official vote; this is only a survey.  Homeowners will be given the opportunity to have an official vote before work begins.  The goal of this survey was to give the Board direction in how to proceed. 


55 total responses out of a possible 136 homeowners:

Large Cabana - 3 votes

Recreation Park - 0 votes

Mixed use/Pool & Cabana - 11 votes

Fitness Center - 9 votes

Large Pool - 32 votes


42 homes felt the amenity was most important.

12 homes felt the parking was most important. 

1 did not have an opinion. 


Board members will now start the process of working with a landscape architect to begin the layout of the pool area and will procure official estimates for the project.



The Board of Directors is seeking 3 - 5 individuals (must be a homeowner) to serve on a Landscaping committee.  The committee will have the following goals:


1) Assess the current needs of the community as they relate to landscaping.

2) Procure quotes from at least 3 companies.

3) Present the findings to the Board.


If interested, please send your name, Berkeley Walk address, and email address to